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Welcome to Endeavour

You may have noticed some changes around here as we moved over from 'Paws for Kids' to 'Endeavour Project'.

But why did we change? In 2015 the board and staff team decided it was time to have a name that reflected the work we do. Paws for Kids didn’t really explain what we do as we now have established 4 projects.

But more importantly, having a working name of ‘Endeavour’ with the strap line ‘End Domestic Abuse for People and their Pets’. Gives a clear picture of what we are trying to do.

This has always been our mission, and now we feel our name says exactly what we are trying to do. We all felt that this new named reflected both the ethos of the charity and also the work ethics of all the staff team.
It may take some time, but we won’t stop- we will always Endeavour to end Domestic Abuse for people and their pets.

Don’t worry the charity will still be registered as Paws for Kids but as you will see from our new logos all will be Endeavour Projects.- this is registered as a ‘working name’ with the charities commission. Nothing else has changed.

We feel that these are positive changes and hope you’ll join us on our continued journey. With your support we will Endeavour to End Domestic Abuse for People & their Pets


Sale of CD in aid of Pets Project

Cd for Sale Arrayah is a talented musician / artist who performed at our AGM in November last year.

Arrayah sang a song she had written ‘She Flies’, accompanied on the flute by Elanor Gordon as ‘Wings Unclipped’.

Both women have used our services. Since then we helped Arrayah in the production of a CD with the two songs she has written - ‘She Flies’ and ‘Inner child’.

Both have helped her on the road to recovery. The work Arrayah has put into this production has been rewarding for all concerned and serves to illustrate how Endeavour can make a fundamental difference to someone’s life.

Funds raised from the sale of this CD will go directly to the Pets Service. This is Arrayah’s way of saying “thank you”.

A copy of this CD can be purchased for a minimum donation of £3.50 including postage.

Email your details to angela.brooks@pawsforkids.org.uk and make your payment by clicking here

Alternatively ring the office and Angela or Lynn will help you with other ways to pay and receive this inspirational CD.




Food Appeal

We always need donations of Dog and Cat food- Tinned and dry food can be dropped off at Endeavour, 26 Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4AP or Morrisons supermarket collection point, Blackhorse Street, Bolton, BL1 1PQ


  • Safe Haven has helped me and my family through a very hard and emotional time and for that I will always be grateful. Our lives are now worth living again and in the process I have made some very good friends.

    Quotes from families who have used Safe Haven
  • I was a victim of domestic violence for 7 years, as were my children. We have always had pets they were and still are a part of our family.

    Quotes from families who have used Pet Service
  • The advice and support has helped me to see that the situation I was in is not the right was to be treated by anyone, with help I have been able to escape and start getting my health and life to how it should be and know the difference between a right and wrong relationship.

    Quotes from People who have used the IDVA Service
  • In the short time I have been coming to group, I have achieved so much and I feel that I have had a weight lifted’. ‘It has really made a difference to our lives.

    Quotes from families who have used Safe Haven
  • It was an enormous relief to discover this service existed – as the pets are dearly loved and an extension of our family.

    Quotes from families who have used Pet Service
  • It has helped as I know if I ever need advice I can just ring up my worker and she will do her best for me and my daughter.

    Quotes from People who have used the IDVA Service
  • Group work has helped me and my son communicate - we can now talk instead of shouting at one another all the time. He is now a happy and settled young man, who feels more secure in himself and expresses confidence around others.

    Quotes from families who have used Safe Haven
  • In my case, staying at home and suffering beatings on a daily basis became more acceptable to me than leaving with the children without their pets.

    Quotes from families who have used Pet Service
  • My IDVA helped me go through courts and the MARAC- she has helped me become a stronger person and move on with my life. I want to let everyone know there is help out there and life can get better.

    Quotes from People who have used the IDVA Service
  • It’s lovely to know that the children can have their pets back and it makes it easier for them to cope with not having a home.

    Quotes from families who have used Pet Service
  • I was very pleased with the service I received from the IDVA service, my worker was very friendly and professional” I feel less worried and much more confident with what is going to happen in my future.

    Quotes from People who have used the IDVA Service

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